The 5 Best Songs I Heard This Week

Some are good.  Some are great.  Some are new.  And some are old.  This is my list of the 5 best songs I heard this week.  

1. Anna Von Hausswolff Track of Time

Awesome last name.  Awesome song. 

2. Woodrowgerber In The Beginning

If this were a list of terrible music videos, In The Beginning would top it. A great song nonetheless.  

3.   Lightning Dust Never Again 

Hipsters make good music. When they tell the synth guy to take it easy, they make great music. 

4. Sturgill Simpson You Can Have The Crown

It’s Country and I don’t care. This guy is topping charts on iTunes and with no major label backing.  I like it. 

5. Graham Nash Better Days 

Crosby, Stills, and Nash produced amazing music, even when they did solo albums.     


Snow Mountain Hike

Snow Mountain Hike, Shei-Pa, Taiwan.

Hiking Xueshan (Snow Mountain) and it’s East Peak.  This was a weekend long winter ascent of Taiwan’s sencond tallest peak.  Thanks to Taiwan Adventures guide company.  

This is Not a New Year’s Resolution Post

Later on
We’ll conspire
As we dream by the fire
To face unafraid
The plans that we’ve made
Walking in a winter wonderland

Profound lyrics from a song that sings about a circus clown snowman. 

For my whole life I let this stanza go unnoticed, never giving it the consideration it deserves. But as I prepare to take on a new job after the holidays, I can’t help but dwell on these lines. 

Just unpack it a little.  Conspire. Dream. Face. Make [plans]. These are powerful verbs, full of intent. It reminds me that though it’s totally cool to take time and lounge by that fire, that time should be spent getting geared up and ready to enter actions with boldness.  Unafraid. 

Happy Holidays.