ORANGE! It started with the harness. Then the bag. The shoes, quickdraws, finally the rope. The green chalk bag throws it off, but it was free.

Yup, just about all ready. In just a few days I’ll be landing in Yunnan, China, the most (if not only) pristine province in the county.

Ill be starting in Kunming where ill meet up with a fraternity brother then some local climbers who’ll show me some spots around the area. Without a doubt,way better climbers, so ill do my best to keep up.

Side note. Hopefully there’ll be some American expats who arent totally “America sucks, man” to celebrate the 4th with.

After that, off to the west towards Tibet to Dali. There I’ll be working for accomodation at a rock climbing outfit. It’ll be 3 weeks of setting routes, belaying others, and generally spending time outdoors climbing. Dali is a good gateway to a few other cities considered off the grid, real China countryside.

Then back to Kunming and back to Taipei.

Hard to believe that whole experience will fit in a 45 liter backpack.


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