“Pack Your Bags. Your Flight Is Booked.”

Last night, three of us were perched on the edges of the sofa, fixed to our computers. Scanning our screens back and forth, up and down, we were doing our last due diligence before taking the plunge. No matter how many times I’ve done it, booking tickets always gets me hyped and I get extra diligent. Especially in the case of buying round trip international tickets to Thailand and Laos.

Times, correct. Flight numbers, correct. Price, better than imaginable.

We each clicked on the button that to us at that moment seemed to say “Fuck yea, you!” confirming our departure for January 19th. For three full weeks four of us (the fourth got hers later) will be backpacking and climbing in (in my opinion) the two coolest countries in Southeast Asia.

It’ll be hot. It’ll be uncomfortable. It’ll be beautiful. 


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