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Pure River Rafting


Here is a worthwhile trip.

If you have some time and money to get to the wilds of Sweden I suggest you look into Vildmark. Vildmark is an outdoor excursion company based in Torsby, Sweden that puts clients at the helm of the trip. An incredibly hands-on 5-8 days, you build your own raft from what logs you can find, steer your own way slowly down the Klaralven River (Clear River), and make your own shelter along the banks. 

At the end of the trip, you unlash the logs and set them adrift back into the river, taking back only the fish you caught and the smell of campfire in your clothes.   

Pure River Rafting

The Truest of Bonds


I’m like most men. I have a deep appreciation for James Bond films, especially early, pre-Dalton Bond. The cool confidence, nonchalant chauvinism and uncanny ability to get anything in his sights. These have long been appealing characteristics for fans of the books and films alike.

It is surprising then that a true character like George Lazenby, who actually embodies those characteristics, is so often overlooked in the lineup of Bonds, preference obviously given to Connery.  

However, this clip shows a glimpse of Lazenby the non-actor and probably most Bond of all Bonds. Also a good lesson on how to enter actions with boldness and get what you want most.


Here’s an early promo for a kickstarter-funded film on free climbing’s early beginnings in America. The old school camera footage, jazzy vibes and impressive assortment of interviews puts this rock doc on the list of must sees.

Since this promo was put together the project has raised the necessary funds to produce the film, but has yet to complete it.

To find out more about the film (which has changed its name to Brave New Wild) chack out      


Some friends and I went into Taipei City to try out a new burrito place, Juanita’s. 

As we entered we bumped into a Taiwanese camera crew doing a special segment on the restaurant. 

Immediately noticing our group’s natural good looks and TV friendly personalities, the producer asked if they could film us eating and maybe interview some of us. This video is the result: 

Skip to 00:40

And get the beef burrito. 

Homemade Hangboard. 

my landlord’s going to be pissed.