I downloaded this Ted Talk by Regina Dugan on a whim, unsure what it’d really cover since the given title is a bit ambiguous. I must say, once it was finished I put it as one of my top favorite talks.

At the time of the talk Regina Dugan was working as the Director of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) which is a government agency but pretty awesome nonetheless. She talks about the agency’s ability to break Mach 20 when just a hundred years ago top scientists said flight was impossible; how humans can control robots with their minds; how metals lighter than a dandelion can change transportation.

The message of the talk is to communicate what is technologically possible when failure, especially the fear of failure, is not a option. 

Regina Dugan is now an executive at Google. I wonder, is that upward mobility? I think of the Founder’s Fund Manifesto: “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.” Without sounding like I want all innovators working for government agency’s (that’d be counterproductive, but check this out http://bit.ly/xjWQCz), I hope these innovators and the “nerds” Regina Dugan talks about in this talk don’t avoid real technological innovation in order to work on making Gmail more cozy looking.   

Time (25:02) 


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